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Clint & Molly — Minted




The Ceremony- 1 PM

Our Ceremony- Saint Anne's Catholic Church


Doug & Anita Polzin Grandparents of the Groom

John & Cathy Blanke Grandparents of the Bride

Groom Clint Jennings

Best Man Nick Jennings

Mother and Step-Father of the Groom Lori Polzin & Dave Zortman

Father and Step-Mother of the Groom Dan & Jill Jennings

Mother of the Bride Colleen Przybylski

Ring Security Malachi & Milo Jennings

Bridesmaids Jen Landsverk/Colt Connor LeeAnn Przybylski/Trevor Zakrzewski Kacey Jennings/Patrick Davis Hanna Zakrzewski/John Jennings Lindsey Przybylski/Danny Ackerman

Maid of Honor Sarah Przybylski

Flower Girls Ella & Bria Lindsey

Father of the Bride & Bride John Przybylski & Molly Przybylski


Deacon Tom McClelland


Genesis 2: 18-24 Tom Przybylski

Psalm 112: 1-9 Tom Przybylski

Colossians 3: 12-17 Deb Przybylski


Matthew 5: 13-16

Deacon Tom

Rite of Marriage

Deacon Tom


Angela Jennings


Deacon Tom

Devotion to Our Blessed Mother

Molly & Clint

Presentation of Married Couple

Deacon Tom


2:30 Wedding Party Salute*

*Flags will be available in the back of the church to salute our new Mr. & Mrs. on their Island tour. Join us!

Church History & Details

In 1670, Jesuit Father Charles Dablon founded a birchbark mission chapel on Mackinac Island. The following year, Father Jacques Marquette relocated the mission at St. Ignace. Abandoned in 1706 and reestablished at Fort Michilimackinac around 1715, the new church was named Sainte Anne de Michilimackinac. During the winter of 1780 – 1781, British to the island and moved the church building across the ice. The church is the nation’s oldest dedicated to Saint Anne, and maintains baptismal records dating from April 1695.

This church is truly historic---no air conditioning! Please plan accordingly.