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Where IS Mackinac Island?

Meet you on Mackinac, huh?

That’s an Island, right? Without cars or something...?

Or...where exactly is Mackinac Island & how does one get there?

Click here to find out!

Huh- so it's in Michigan. Would have thought the Caribbean by the photo. And I get there by plane or by boat...?


Your car or hotel shuttle will get you to the Ferry docks in St. Ignace or Mackinac City, and Shepler’s will take you the rest of the way.

Oh, and we wanted to give you a practical wedding welcome gift: your Saturday round trip ticket to/from Mackinac Island is included should you choose to join us!

If you are travelling to/from the island more than once, click
here to learn more about overnight parking, bike tags, and ferry schedules.

Once you know what you need, click here to purchase your discounted ferry and/or bike tickets. Enter code "williamr2021" for your discounted rate.

PS- keep in mind there are "Mighty Mac" departures that go under the Mackinac Bridge at no additional cost. Click here to see which times you could go under the bridge from your respective dock!

Wait. Bike tags? Horses? So there really are NO cars?

Well okay, there are technically 3 vehicles on the island: an ambulance, a fire truck, and an emergency vehicle.

But otherwise, there’s a reason “Somewhere in Time” with Christopher Reeve & Jane Seymour was filmed here. You are truly transported back in time. Your only methods of transportation are to horse it, bike it, or walk it.

If you're staying on the Island, consider bringing your own bike. A $13 bike tag is MUCH cheaper than renting a bike. See for yourself here.

Click here for a comprehensive 2 minute video on everything related to transportation to, from, and on the Island.

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