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Other Activities

What else is there to do on Mackinac?

Move over Universal Studios! Mackinac is it's own "Islands of Adventure!"

Click here to learn more.

Click here to watch more.

Any chance you could narrow that down to a few favorites?

Sure! Here's our top 5:

1. Take a Carriage Tour. Click here!

2. Hike the State Park. Click here!

3. Bike the 8 Mile Perimeter. Click here!

4. Tour & Taste at the Grand. Click here!

5. Explore Fort Mackinac. Click here!

Fudge seems like a big deal...

Fudge IS a big deal. So big that we are giving you some to take home--thanks for joining us!

In fact, don't be surprised if someone calls you a "Fudgie" as you walk out of one of the many fudge shops on the island. It's a term of endearment on Mackinac!

Click here for some fun fudge festivities, and click here to learn how Mackinac island became the fudge capital of the world.

Sip N' Sail Cruises

Click here for a variety of "Sip N' Sail" cruises throughout the weekend. These are popular and book fast!