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No Gifts, Please!

Let your presence BE the present

We understand what we are asking when we ask you to "Meet us in Mackinac." We are blessed beyond belief to think so many of you will travel to spend our day with us. Because of this, we are sincerely asking that you bring no gift but yourself. We are committed to this--we will not have a gifts/card table.

Now more than ever, there are so many others whose need is greater than ours. If you feel compelled to give, please consider donating to one of these charities we actively support.

Homes for Our Troops
Homes for Our Troops

This Independence Day, consider supporting a local Veteran. We actively support a home in Wisconsin for Marine Lance Corporal Robert “Bobby” McCardle, and would encourage you to support a local project in your home state.

Click here to find one!


As communities around the world struggle to cope with COVID-19, many refugees and displaced people living in crowded camps are facing dire circumstances, unable to practice social distancing and lacking access to adequate clean water, nutrition, and healthcare.

Oxfam is coordinating our response with partner organizations, government health ministries, and key UN agencies in more than 60 countries. Your donation can help slow the spread of COVID-19 by increasing the delivery of soap, clean water, and other sanitation services to refugees and people living in higher-risk environments such as camps and crowded urban areas.

Click here to donate!

PS- Be sure to check with your employer as they may be able to match your gift!

Portage County Humane Society
Portage County Humane Society

As part of the "no kill" network, the Portage County Humane Society (PCHS) holds a special place in our heart.

Prior to our move to Boston, we were the "Thursday night dog walkers," and really enjoyed interacting with so many amazing animals and volunteers.

Consider supporting the PCHS mission today!

Click here for their Amazon "wish list," complete with all sorts of goodies for our furry family members.

Click here to donate to PCHS directly.

Meals on Wheels
Meals on Wheels

Since 1971, when the first eight meals were delivered, Stevens Point has been serving the homebound in our community. Today, the program continues to provide services that promote independent living.

The success of the Meals on Wheels program is because of the generous donations of time by our volunteers. On average, over 32,000 meals are delivered to homebound residents in the Stevens Point community.

In fact, Molly's Grandfather, John Blanke, actively volunteers weekly to deliver these meals, and is a shining light on the importance and impact of community service. He even delivered a meal to Molly's Grandma LeeLee at one point!

This charity took a unique turn when the pandemic of 2020 hit. This catastrophe left so many elderly without visits from family and loved ones and it was these volunteers who not only quelled hunger--but who also curbed loneliness for many homebound residents.

Please consider supporting this amazing, local, program. Click here!