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Wedding Logistics

Shepler's Schedule

As a general note, the fourth of the July weekend can be one of the busiest on the island. Please plan your ferry accordingly.

Please use this link to view the full weekend ferry schedule from both Mackinaw City and St. Ignace.

To claim your complimentary round trip ticket, please head to the ticket counter of your respective dock, and say, "I'm here to claim my round trip ticket for the Przybylski-Jennings wedding. My name is..." Thank you for coming!!

Transportation to St. Anne's Church

If your name is on this list, your taxi will pick you up at 12:30 PM in the turn-style of the Main Lodge of Mission Point:

  • Jen Lindsey
  • Gabriella Lindsey
  • Bria Lindsey
  • Angela Jennings
  • Malachi Jennings
  • Milo Jennings
  • Jill Jennings
  • Dan Jennings
  • Jess Naveira
  • Nick Fonner
  • Abbey Delgadillo
  • Nick Lindsey
  • Sandra Stephen
  • Sandra's Guest
  • Mark Merucci
  • Madelyn wegener
  • Paramjit Gill
  • Sue Gill
  • Ashley Ligman
  • Carlos Van Parys
  • Hannah Green
  • Lindsey Przybylski
  • Jennifer Landsverk
  • LeeAnn Przybylski
  • Kacey Jennings
  • Hanna Zakrzewski

If your name is on this list, your taxi will pick you up at 12:30 PM in front of the main entrance of the Straits Lodge of Mission Point :

  • Clint Jennings
  • Nick Jennings
  • John Jennings
  • Trevor Zakrzewski
  • Danny Ackerman
  • Colt Connor
  • Patrick Davis
  • Joe Klismith
  • Nancy Check
  • Russ Check
  • Debbie Przybylski
  • Tom Przybylski
  • Cathy Duda
  • Jan Hall
  • Grandma Cathy Blanke
  • Lori Schultz
  • Bob Zakrzewski
  • Phill Hass
  • Kevin Sodergren

Should you need help with transportation that has not been arranged, or if your name is not on this list and you need a lift, please call Mackinac Island Carriage tours to schedule your taxi. 906.847.3323

Transportation from St. Anne's to Mission Point

Following the wedding party salute, ALL guests will catch their 2:30 PM taxi back to Mission Point. This taxi will be located in front of St. Anne's Catholic church.

Taxi for Last Shepler's Boat Off Island

If you are leaving the island on the final 10 PM Shepler's ferry, your taxi will be at the Mission Point Main Lodge turnstyle at 9:30 PM.

These guests include:

  • Kearsten Connor
  • Dalton Connor
  • Patrick Davis
  • Hannah Green
  • Lori Polzin
  • Dave Zortman
  • Hanna Zakrzewski
  • Phill Hass
  • Trevor Zakrzewski
  • Kevin Sodergren
  • Angela Jennings
  • Malachi Jennings
  • Milo Jennings
  • John Jennings

COVID Considerations

We understand we are marrying during a pandemic. Things can change quickly, and we encourage you to check this site often.

With that said, safety is our top priority, and we ask all guests to comply with whatever restrictions and regulations are in place come July 3, 2021.

At this time, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has lifted all of its COVID restrictions for capacity, masks and gatherings. As of Tuesday, June 22, both indoor and outdoor settings in Michigan will increase to 100% capacity, and face masks will no longer be required. Individual businesses will still be allowed to require masks, however, so please keep a mask handy in case island businesses require this to enter.