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Clint & Molly — Minted




Wedding Party- Day Of

Timeline & Details

9:00AM- Maids & Flower Girls Arrive

  • Your dresses (with their hangers) will already be hanging in Molly's room in the Main Lodge.
  • For those of us getting hair or make-up done, we will head down to the spa about 9:30 AM. Please be showered and ready to go.
  • Please plan to wear your robe, a tank or something under it, comfortable leggings/shorts, and your flip flops.

10 AM- Men & Ring Security Arrive

  • Your suits will already be in Clint's room when you arrive.
  • Please plan to be in the Groomsmen room in the Straits Lodge by 10 AM.
  • Snacks and drinks will be provided to aid in the "getting ready" process.

11:30 AM - Photographer Arrives

  • Maids & Flower Girls- Alicia will take a few photos of us in our robes, and then step out to take "detail photos" (rings, perfume, etc), while we change. She will come back in and we will either be inside or outside getting group/individual photos.
  • Men & Ring Security- Harrison will take a few "getting ready" photos, and will then take both individual/group photos .

12:30 PM- Taxis Arrive

  • Clint, Nick, John, Trevor, Danny, Colt, and Patrick (and other Straits Lodge guests to include Phill and Kevin) will board these taxis.
  • Malachi & Milo will need to be back over to the Main Lodge by this time as they will be taking the Taxi with Angela, Jen/Nick, Ella/Bria.
  • LeeAnn, Lindsey, Hanna, Kacey, Jen, Ella, Bria (and other Main Lodge guests to include Hannah, Abbey, Angela, and Jess) will board these taxis.

12:40 PM- Bride's Taxi

  • John, Colleen, Molly & Sarah will board the final taxi to the church.

1:00 PM- Ceremony @ St. Anne's

  • Just like we rehearsed...

2:00-2:30 PM Photos @ Church

  • Please pay attention to photographers as we are trying to get quite a few photos in a short amount of time.

2:30-3:30 PM Wedding Party Taxi Tour

Carriage 1 transports: Clint/Molly, Alicia/Harrison

Carriage 2 transports:






Hanna/ Joe Klismith

Carriage 3 transports:



3:30-4:50 PM- Return to Mission Point

  • We will return to Mission Point and take photos around the grounds.
  • We will then go up to Molly's room and freshen up, snack, water, other.

5:00- Grand March Entrance Order:

  • Milo/Bria
  • Malachi/Ella
  • Colt/Jen
  • Trevor/LeeAnn
  • Patrick/Kacey
  • John/Hanna
  • Danny/Lindsey
  • Nick/Sarah
  • Clint/Molly

5:00-10:00* PM - Reception

  • Prayer & Speeches
  • Dinner & Open Bar
  • Dessert & Dancing
  • *At 9:30 PM those of you who need to get back to the mainland will catch the taxi in the front of the Main Lodge of Mission Point.

10:00 Sparkler Send Off

  • For those staying on the island, we will do a sparkler send off as the formal reception ends.
  • We will continue the evening at the Mission Point bar first, and most likely continue on to downtown.