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Clint & Molly — Minted




Wedding Party & Attendants

Sarah Przybylski

Maid of Honor

Hello! I am Molly's younger sister, Sarah, and I live in Stevens Point, WI. I work for Stryker Orthopedics and love soaking up new adventures and information in my free time. I am beyond excited to celebrate this moment with Molly and Clint, and look forward to getting to know all of you in the process. See you on the island!

Jen Landsverk


Hi, I'm Jen! I live in Colorado with my fiancé where we enjoy exploring the mountains with our two dogs. Molly and I met in high school; our relationship really blossomed when she asked me for rides to school. And I am so grateful that she did! I truly enjoy every minute I get to spend with Molly and now Clint. They have a way of making all of your time with them so special. And I cannot wait to be a part of their big day!

Kacey Jennings


Hi! I'm Clint's little sister, Kacey. I live in Delaware with my dog, Creed, and my cat, Tito. I'm looking forward to celebrating the love between my big bro and my bonus sister with all of you! I will be personally ensuring good vibes at all times and that no one gets off the dance floor.

LeeAnn Przybylski


Hello! My name is LeeAnn and I am Molly's little cousin. I currently live in St. Paul, MN while pursuing my law degree at Mitchell Hamline School of Law. I am so excited to celebrate the love Molly and Clint share! I couldn't be more honored to stand with Molly (and Clint) on this special day! Cheers!

Hanna Zakrzewski


Hello all! I'm Clint's kid sister (Mom's side) Hanna. I live on Minnesota's north shore with my partner, cat, and retired sled dog. I'm so happy for Mint, formerly known as Molly and Clint, and I can't wait to be there for them on this special day. Cheers!

Lindsey Przybylski


Hello all! My name is Lindsey and I am Molly's younger cousin! I currently attend the University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh, and am majoring in Nursing! Molly has always been like another sister to me and I am so excited and honored to share this special day with her and Clint! I can promise I will be on the dance floor all night! Cheers!

Nick Jennings

Best Man

Konnichi wa! I'm Nick- Clint's best man and younger (yet much stronger) half-brother. I'm a proud dog dad, tortured islanders fan, and fellow Cobra Kai enthusiast. I live in Pennsylvania and have been in the military for 9 years. I'm so excited to celebrate Clint and Molly's love with all of you. Shots all around!

John Jennings


Hi! I'm John, the groom's older brother and lifelong advocate. My family is my world, and my two songs, Malachi and Milo, can't wait to have some new Jennings cousins to get into trouble with.

Trevor Zakrzewski


Hi everyone. My government name is Trevor but my brothers and sisters call me Fern. I live in a cabin in Minnesota where I make music and feed the birds. I can't wait to celebrate my absolutely beautiful family this summer in Michigan. Peace and love.

Colt Connor


Hey there! Colton here. I call Chicago home and love to travel and experience the world. Next adventure is becoming a Dad for the first time, which I'm super excited about. I've been good friends with Clint since high school when we lived about a block apart. Fond memories of that time include: late night homework, reheated Rocky Rococo's pizza, and trying to sneak in some cheap beer without Lori catching us. I tagged along for a family trip down to Florida and it happened to be at the start of the Iraq war. Clint and I sat on the beach, drinking a bottle of captain, and vowed to serve our country. After our respective tours, college and getting into our careers, it's been nice to reconnect and meet Molly. You two are great together and I'm looking forward to the celebration.

Danny Ackerman


Hey I'm Danny and I'm a groomsman for this wonderful occasion. I've been best friends with the Best Man, Nick, for roughly 17 years, and got to know Clint and Molly pretty well as a result. Clint is my favorite bartender and Molly is one of the nicest people I've ever met! I'm truly honored to be a part of their big day. If you need to find me at the wedding, I'll be on the dance floor, drink in hand. Cheers!

Patrick Davis


Hey y'all! I'm Patrick, Molly and Clint's good friend from Kansas. I'm working on a dude ranch in the mountains of Colorado during the summer and winter, and then a hunting guide in Montana during the fall. I'm excited to celebrate Molly and Clint's special day with them and y'all! See y'all there!

Malachi & Milo Jennings

Ring Bearer

I'm Malachi and I am the first member of the next Jennings generation! I can't wait to spend the whole night showing old people how to dance.

I'm Milo and I'm the sweetest little comedian you'll ever meet. If you see me smirking on Mackinac Island, you can bet I've got something mischievous up my sleeve.

Ella & Bria Lindsey

Flower Girl/Child

Hi! I'm Ella, and if I could be any book character I would be Hermione Granger studying at Hogwarts. If you don't see me with my nose in a book, be sure to stop and chat as I love witty conversations!

Hi! I'm Bria, the girl with an infectious smile and a giggle that will ensure you join in! I'll sing and dance the night away with everyone I meet!

Joe Klismith


Hi, I'm Joe! I live in Almond, WI and work for Canadian National Railroad. I have two great daughters, Abby & Bre.

Russ Check


Hi, My name is Russ Check. I am Molly's uncle. I am married to Nancy, John's sister. I have two sons, Joe and Jason, and four granddaughters. I am a new employee of Neenah Papers. I want to wish Molly and Clint a lifetime of love and happiness!

Tom Przybylski- Reader

Honor Attendants

Hi, I am Molly's Uncle Tom. My wife Deb and I have two beautiful daughters, both of which will be stand ups for the wedding. Molly is absolutely an amazing lady and Clint is an outstanding young man. So very fortunate to know him and have as family now. Congrats to both families who are gaining extraordinary individuals.

Deb Przybylski- Reader

Honor Attendants

Hello, I am Debbie Przybylski, aunt of Molly. I am so very honored to be part of the bride and grooms' very special day. I have watched Molly and Clint's love grow through the years and am so excited to witness their blessed union.