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Clint & Molly — Minted




The Reception - 4 PM

Mission Point Resort Promenade Deck

4:00 PM, July 3, 2021

Reception Timeline

4 PM Alcohol & Appetizers

5 PM Supper & Speeches

6:30 PM Dessert & Dancing

9:30 PM Shepler's Shuttle

10:00 PM Sparks Fly!

Throughout the evening, we will enjoy a few kind words from:

John Blanke- Prayer

John Przybylski- Welcome

Nick Jennings- Best Man

Sarah Przybylski- Maid of Honor

"Mint" - This & That

Oh, and in case you'd like to coordinate, our colors are holiday appropriate: An "Elegant Fourth of July."

Feel free to dress in light reds, light pinks, blues, and whites (yes white--it's okay to match the bride!) to celebrate our nation's independence.